About Us

storeIn 1950 Mr. Jimmy Neutze founded the first Minit Mart location in Uvalde, Texas. Mr. Neutze wanted to make a mark in the competitive gas and oil industry one store at a time. The vast nature and abundance of resources in Southwest Texas served as the inspiration to offer gasoline and expand the product selection. What set’s Minit Mart apart however is our homegrown feel and approach to business. We don’t want customers for one stop, we want them for a lifetime. While we have grown and expanded our market, we still want our customers to feel welcome in our stores every time they come in. We also take pride in all the communities we serve and make sure the money stays here with our loyal customers!

Over six decades later, Minit Mart is one of the largest chains of convenience retail stores in Southwest Texas. Apart from premium gasoline at low prices, Minit Mart offers a vast selection of tobacco products, lottery and scratch off tickets, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and fountain beverages, warm breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and every snack food you could possibly imagine―all at competitive, low prices. We serve up some of West Texas’ favorite fares such as hearty breakfast tacos, Mabel’s famous beef enchiladas, and Texas-sized sticky honey buns paired with a hot cup of coffee for dessert or breakfast. Whether you’re passing through and need to stretch your legs out and refuel (literally and figuratively), stopping in for a home-cooked meal on your lunch hour, or grabbing drinks and snacks for a football party, we have what you need. Our warm and welcoming staff will be happy to help you with anything you need, just ask!